Just popping in to say that this was the super coolest rp in the history of ever and that it made up the greatest (almost) 2 years of my rping career. That being said, I just thought I'd tell you guys that share my appreciation for how much writing in this group helped me to develop as a writer. :D Ps. I’m really bad with words so hopefully this sounds about as good as it did in my head. — ian-unknown-mitchell

Aw Taylor, you’re so sweet! I’m so glad you stuck with us through the beginning, because Ian is freaking awesome (though not as awesome as you are). Love you! 

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Hello my comet loves! Kendal here! I just wanted to send a message saying how much I love all of you and how much I loved being in this group. No lie, you guys helped me get through my first year of college! I'm sending a message from the RP group that I'm trying to make! It's having some trouble getting off the ground, as bio writing is hard, but I would be happy to have all of you join! I could use a lot of help writing. Just message me if you're interested or just want to join! Love you all! — withinthewalls-rp

Shameless advertising Kendal, but we love you too! We wish you the best of luck for your new roleplay, and hope everyone checks it out.

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Hey you guys, it's Will. I just have to say that this was such an amazing group to be a part of. You're the best team of admins that I know and I know if you decide to do anything else, it'll be just as phenomenal. Never forget how much I love you and this group. MADDOX FOREVER <3 — Anonymous

Aw, you’re the best! Thank you for being so awesome, and we hope all’s well for you. This group definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you either, so we really appreciate it. Love you!

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hey guys, lily here. let me tell you this: this has been t h e b e s t roleplay experience i have yet well.. /experienced/. i love you all, and it hurts my heart to hear that you guys are closing down. if you ever choose to relaunch, message me, because i would me way more than happy to rejoin. thanks for everything, ily all <3 — spookymonas

Aw, love you Lily! Thanks for all your sweet words — from everyone, really. We really appreciate it.

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Alright kiddies, gather ‘round. Admin Deanna’s here for an important announcement. 

So I’m sure all of you are aware that things have been kind of slow around here. It’s natural for when school to start up activity to dwindle — and truth be told, this happened last year. But to be honest, activity’s been slow since the end of the summer, and we lost a lot of important members. And even though all you special ones are still with us, I’m sure you can tell things haven’t been the same.

So I have made the decision to close down the group indefinitely. Trust me, it’s an incredibly hard decision. This group is my baby, and the other admins and I have put so much hard work into this group. But truth be told, I don’t have the time to put into getting this group back off the ground, and neither do the other admins and many of our members. I think it’s best to close it down now, on a positive note, instead of waiting until it’s already gone and fading away. There could always be a chance of it coming back once it’s closed, if I get more time once more and have a new and elaborate plot idea for Maddox. But as of right now, I just can’t give this group the work it deserves, and I think closing it off now is best.

With that being said, I am going to set the official closing date for October 22nd, giving the roleplayers a little less than two weeks to finish any plots you may have in the group. Starting today we’re closing down any chance for new applications, and on October 22nd we’ll probably change around the main page as well too. 

Thanks to everyone who has made this group so amazing; it really would not have gone anywhere without you guys, and you know who you are. Thanks to everyone who applied, joined, showed interest, or just sent us an anon. And thank you, really, for being so understanding about this. It was a really hard decision to make, but trust me guys, it’s for the best.

Lots of Love,
        Admin Deanna

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Everyone re-follow Diana!

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Congratulations, Jess! You’ve been accepted as Bridget Upton (Anne Hathaway FC). Please make your account, follow the tracked tags, and send it in within 48 hours.

Admin Note: So glad to have received your application, Jess! We thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and felt it was an interesting and very accurate portrayal of Bridget. We can’t wait to have you a part of the group. Welcome to Maddox!

The application is under cut.

Name: Jess
Age: 22 
Time Zone: EST

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Follow Kaleigh!

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Congratulations, Rebecca! You’ve been accepted as Kaleigh Jacobs (Laura Osnes FC). Please make your account, follow the tracked tags, and send it in within 48 hours.

Admin Note: Thanks so much for applying, Rebecca! We’re so stoked to have your application. You seem to have a great grasp on Kaleigh, and she’s definitely a wanted character around here. Welcome to Maddox!

The application is under cut.

Name: Rebecca 
Age: 16
Time Zone: GMT

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I want a Kaleigh Jacobs! :) — notsoaverage-madeline

You heard her, guys! Give us a Kaleigh.

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