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The following accounts have until Sunday to be active, or their roles will be reopened:

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Dane Dehaan FC? — Anonymous

He’s actually in the drafts! Once Admin Deanna gets more time, he will definitely be written.

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tbh someone should take taylor liu — Anonymous

Right? Look how cute this baby is.

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Didn't you have a Connie Britton FC named Spencer? — Anonymous

Oh, you’re right! I don’t know why she’s not on the masterlist, but her bio is still up. You can find her here. Sorry about the confusion, anon.

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Brielle Dalton ► Resident ► 15 ► Dove Cameron

But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like, nothing changed at all?

  • Born and raised in Maddox, an upcoming sophomore in high school.
  • Is an amazing singer, though stage fright is preventing her from showing it to everybody.
  • Is unaware of the supernatural changes within town.

Brielle’s sixteen year old parents never really wanted her. Even though her mother lasted all the way through the pregnancy, she gave the girl up to the orphanage the moment she was born. And there she stayed for seven years, surrounded by kids who shared the same misfortune of not having their real parents with them. But it wasn’t necessarily that bad, to the little girl’s eyes. 

At first she felt left out, everybody knowing each other and her being alone. But as she grew older, everybody starting getting along with her. From the moment she could run on her legs, she would play with everybody. They were her role models and closest friends. Brielle wouldn’t trade them for anything.

When she was seven, the Dalton family decided to adopt her. At first, she didn’t want to leave everybody and made a tantrum, crying and pouting. However, everybody encouraged her to move on and live like a normal girl in a normal neighborhood. No matter how easy it seemed, it wasn’t. It took her nearly a year to adapt to her new home without crying herself to sleep for the orphanage. She missed being home-schooled, since she didn’t have to learn in a different building, surrounded by other kids that went home to their rooms, not their families. Ever since she left her first home, it had been an average child’s life: school, homework, fun, sleep. Until junior high school, of course.

Going into middle school took a toll on her. She couldn’t grasp all of the new material she was being taught. The mathematical equations were far too difficult, not to mention science and social studies. She found that she couldn’t learn things as easily, since she was not only distracted, but discouraged by the other students. She would come home with poor tests and even worse report cards. She felt pressured all of the time by her friends and family, and soon she was being tutored in order to get those grades her new parents wanted her to get.

The one class she actually felt better in was chorus. Her teacher tried to understand her problems and didn’t pressure her as much, although the expectations in the class were lower than those of all her other classes. One time she had stayed behind in order to grasp the notes to the songs she was being taught. Seeing everybody in the room, she had panicked and sang as off-key as anyone could have sang.

That one lunch period sacrificed to singing with her teacher changed everything. Not seeing all the other kids in the room calmed Brielle down, so she could sing comfortably and on-key. Although her teacher didn’t say anything, he thought she sang beautifully. Hoping to get everybody to listen to how beautifully she sang, he made her stand up and demonstrate how to sing the bridge of the song. But the moment she heard her name, she panicked and ran to the bathroom. Stage fright stopped her.

It still wasn’t any better in the other classes. Her grades didn’t improve and she was going through tutors as quick as it took to snap your fingers. At the age of fourteen, she finally decided to stop those special tutors and take the peer tutoring offer in town. A high school senior volunteered to help her, but due to the cruelty of the girl, she was soon gone. Brielle barely graduated middle school.

When September rolled by, she stepped into Maddox high for the first time. And it was definitely much harder than middle school. Her first marking period scores were horrible. She signed up for peer tutoring again and landed herself a sophomore girl that she had seen around town: Kat Rowling. Although Brielle was a handful at times, she could see Kat trying not to pressure her, though she was a bit angered at times. But it was turning for the better.

Although it was not a great change, Brielle had a better report card. She hopes to get it even better, even though she knows it will take a lot of effort and dedication. Plus, her stage fright looms big over her. She’s taken an interest in all the new Maddox visitors and hopes to get to know them, since she’s one to be welcoming. 

Although Brielle may seem shy at first, her life is an open book once you get to know her. The orphanage taught her to be a helpful citizen, which is exactly what she tries to be, although it doesn’t really work out due to her clumsiness. Although she’s quite accident prone, she won’t let anything stop her everyday work and chores. Sure, she isn’t all that school-smart compared to everybody else, but she does try. 


  • Recently started being tutored by Kat Rowling. She’s extremely thankful for the girl and can’t believe she has gone through this much trouble to raise Brielle’s scores.
  • Has found a friendship with Autumn Turner in town, finding her to be sweet and not as snobby as some others. Autumn is the only person who’s heard Brielle sing, and is always encouraging her to join the church choir with her.
  • A few years older than her, Brielle’s always been interested in what’s going on with Jude Morgan in town, knowing he’s been in foster care and had a bit of a rough life. Though she’s never spoke to him, he’s obviously a really great person, and she can’t help but admire that.
  • Has see Jeremiah Flint around town, and hopes to get to known him better. 
Gifs: (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

**written by Lily

Status: OPEN

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teen wolf FCs? — Anonymous

Boy, do we have a lot of them! Most are taken though, but some of the open ones include Victor Welsh (Tyler Hoechlin FC), Kendall Turner (Bianca Lawson FC), Harrison Marrow (Max Carver FC), and Taylor Liu (Arden Cho FC). There’s also a Meagan Tandy FC in the works as well!

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Why did you take down Spencer's bio? — Anonymous

I’m not sure I know who you’re talking about, anon. What was this character’s FC?

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Heyo, guys, it's May. Just so you know that I haven't been around much because college just started and I have three books to read and two textx to read every week, so I'm dying, but I'll be around when I get back from class ;) — Anonymous

Thanks for letting us know, May! You good luck with classes as well!

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Hey guys, Alicia here. I need a semi hiatus for a while on all of my charries. School is hectic, less than two months til my last (high school) exams EVA (in fact, it's pretty much one month til my first one.. eek!) So, I'll be back, but just not for a little while. Nina is visiting her aunt, Lacy's working a lot and Annemarie is.. travelling? Ran away for a bit? She disappeared either way. I'll see — Anonymous

Alright dear, thanks for letting us know. Good luck with school!

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