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the blake lively character is open? — Anonymous

Yes she is! And we’d love to see her taken.

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Avery Sanchez ► Witch ► 19 ► Alice Greczyn

I would give it all up to be a part of this, a part of you.

  • Born in San Francisco, California, but ran away to LA when she was eighteen.
  • Knows very little about magic, only what she’s read in books, but tries to play off that she knows more.
  • Isn’t in a coven, but is interested in learning more from one.

For most teenagers, being nineteen means having your whole life ahead of you. The way Avery sees it, she already spent hers being way too oblivious to what was around her. Born and raised in San Francisco, Avery had always been an only child that was pampered and showered with anything she wanted. Her dad was a wealthy man in the movie business, while her mom was a fitness instructor for some of the top movie stars in the country. But despite all her friends and getting everything she wanted, when Avery started to mature, she started to feel… different (and not different in the puberty sense). A fire coursing through her veins, it was pretty obvious to her family that the fourteen year-old wasn’t feeling well. That was when Avery’s parents started getting really strict on her, her dad in particular. He never allowed her to go out and do anything unless he knew where she’d be at all times, and always need her to check in every hour on the dot. At the time it bothered her, but she didn’t think too much of it. At home her parents were always acting strange, trying to constantly spend time with her and get in her way. Their overbearing attitude never went away though, unfortunately for Avery, until her father died when she was seventeen. It was a random and sudden heart attack, and killed him almost instantly. It changed the whole Sanchez family; her mom flipped a switch and went from being overbearing to practically ignoring her daughter, instead taking extra shifts at her job. The only time her mom would actually talk to her was when she was forcing different colleges down Avery’s throat. And with Avery alone to mourn for her father, the powers had been growing inside of her kind of just snapped. Strange events started happening everywhere the girl went, until it reached the point that naive Avery was afraid to leave the house without something happening.

One day Avery was home alone when she was greeted by a visitor, a woman who claimed to know her father. Against her better judgement she let the woman in, and the two began to talk. The woman introduced herself as Kennedy Sherwood, an ex-secretary of her father’s. It was with this woman that the truth came pouring out - Avery’s father had been a witch, and Avery was one as well. Her mother, it turned out, knew vaguely about her powers, but back when her father was still alive they tried to make sure nothing happened to her while they were still developing. Though Kennedy didn’t know much else about her powers, she did let it slip that Avery did have a half-brother, a boy a few years older than her that Kennedy had to give up for adoption right after she had it, and Avery’s father had never knew. She told the teenage girl to find her brother, and maybe she could figure out more about her powers. So instead of going to college like her mother wanted, on her eighteenth birthday Avery packed up and left town, in search of her brother. With some birthday money she had managed to hire a private investigator, and it didn’t take long to find him in Los Angeles. Thankfully her brother, named John, welcomed her in with open arms. Unfortunately, however, he already knew about their powers and was dead set against using them. With another dead end, Avery took to the library to research as much information as she possibly could on witchcraft. But while it did help, reading and practicing it were two different things. So when Avery felt the pull of the comet beckoning the two to Maddox, she begged John to let them check it out. It was more powerful than anything the nineteen year-old had felt, and she needed to know more about it. She just hoped it would be the last piece of the puzzle she was searching for. But so far she’s been there for a few weeks, and so far all she’s done is make a few friends and attract the eye of a coven leader — much to John’s dismay. 

Feisty and ambitious, Avery on the surface is what you’d totally except from an LA girl. Back in high school she was a major partier, and could hold her fair share of liquor. Guys always wanted her from a distance, but the witch always seemed like too bright of a star to ever try to go for yourself. Now with her father dead and her world changed, Avery’s still that same start, except a bit dimmer. While she still doesn’t mind the occasional party, she’s a lot more careful about the situation she puts herself in, not wanting her powers to go haywire and ruin something good. Also since her father died she had become almost obsessed with the idea of witchcraft, wanting to uncover every inch of surface about magic that she doesn’t know — which is a lot, unfortunately. She never really knows when enough is enough, but thankfully with John always watching over her she never really has to worry about the seriousness of the situation.


  • Half-sister of John Tyree. The two haven’t known each other for more than two years, but they’re already as close as can be. Being with him helps Avery remember their father, even if he refuses to talk about family. She has yet to tell him about their father dying or meeting his mother, but as long as John refuses to talk about it, she’s not going to push him.
  • Believes Sophia Shepard and her coven of witches can help Avery learn more there is to know about witchcraft. She’s promised John that she won’t blindly believe what they tell her, and Avery’s not very interested in joining a coven, but she won’t mind telling Sophie what she wants to hear in exchange for getting taught about her powers. 
  • Thinks William Rudd looks familiar, though she’s unsure how she knows him, just that she’s seen him before.
  • Has been talking a lot with Jo Groves lately, getting to know the local girl. She finds the girl really sweet - a bit shy, if anything - and plans on trying to open her up some more.
  • Has made friends with Violet Reed and Lulu Connolly, despite the two of them not really being the most open girls. Avery, missing having a large group of friends back home, have kind of paraded the two quiet girls into making their own three person group. She knows people definitely mock them from afar, since they’re all completely different, but she doesn’t mind.  
  • Is curious about Alex Dresten, especially all the attention the other girl has been giving her. Avery knows she’s a witch, but is still skeptical on trusting her, especially since John doesn’t seem to approve. 
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Status: OPEN

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Christian Waverly ► Resident ► 18 ► Logan Lerman

Maybe this feeling inside of me is true.

  • Developed powers from collecting the leftover comet stones and selling them to the jeweler. His only known powers are super speed and strength, though he can also mimic other powers.
  • Recently graduated high school, with the plans on going to community college in the fall. Also works at his family’s horse farm; it’s expected for him to one day run the farm himself.
  • Since finding out his best friend is a werewolf, he’s beginning to wonder what else is out there, but is otherwise in the dark.

Despite starting in all his lacrosse games, sometimes Christian can’t help but feel like a second string in life itself. While being the oldest of the Waverly kids (though technically equal with Maggie, but she hardly counts) certainly has its perks, the black haired boy always seemed like he was missing something that the other kids his age had. Though he always wanted to play along side his friends, Christian never seemed to possess to skill to be on the football team, instead sticking to lacrosse. When the kids in his grade were starting to get jobs, Christian already had one: working along side his father at the horse farm, the farm that he would no doubt work and die at. When Preston and the other guys started dating girls – and hell, even sleeping with them – Christian still had yet to get out of his “girls have cooties” stage. But once he got older, and the virgins in his grade became a rapidly decreasing number (with him being one of them), the Waverly boy began to wonder if it was a phase he’d ever grow out of. Sure, being gay wasn’t a foreign concept (they did get cable, after all), but in Maddox it may as well be. There was one openly gay boy, and but that was about it. Liking boys never seemed to be an option for Christian, honestly. So he tried and continues to try to ignore it, going out with the occasional girl and hooking up with her. But he has yet to go all the way with one, always getting cold feet last minute. Preston is the only one who knows he’s still a virgin, but despite the constant teasing about it he gets, there’s seldom Christian can do about it.

As if that wasn’t enough to make him feel out of place, a comet landing in his backyard certainly didn’t help either. He was home alone at the time, and instead of calling anybody he decided to investigate first. Christian still has pictures on his phone of the crater it made when it fell, and the damage it caused. But it wasn’t until the scientists and media came and the comet was taken away that he cane upon the small stones left behind, hidden in the horse fields nearby. Bringing them to his bedroom so his parents or siblings wouldn’t see, he debated for awhile on what to do with them, before deciding to sell them to Mr. Mayfield. The day after, Christian was jogging through the woods of Maddox when something felt… different. That’s when he realized that in mere seconds, he managed to run through the woods to the other side of town. Confused, he made his way home, opening the mailbox to see if the mail had come yet… accidentally ripping off the mailbox door. Something was up, he knew, but he wasn’t completely sure. It took him ripping a tree out of the ground for him to realize that something was definitely different about him, and a year of listening to talk in Maddox to know that the powers came from those comet stones he collected. He was some kind of superhero – but Christian didn’t feel like a superhero. With a friend who was a little too controlling, a future planned out for him, and unsure of what he actually liked and didn’t like, he felt incredibly mundane.

Sweet and loyal, Christian could be described as one would describe a golden retriever. Being such good friends with golden boy Preston made him overlooked throughout high school, but everyone knows that out of the two Christian is by far the nicest. He’s the kid anyone could talk to in a crowded room, and volunteers to bring people the homework they missed when they were absent, regardless of them being friends or not. The fact that he doesn’t date catches the attention of some girls in town, but he’s much too oblivious to ever notice. For now he just spends his time working with the horses, hanging out with Preston, and riding around Maddox on the skateboard he never seems to leave behind. 


  • Twin brother of Maggie Waverly. Though the two were close growing up, eventually they separated into their own groups of friends. Ever since she hooked up with his best friend, although it was a year ago, things have been a little weird between them.
  • Older brother of Luke Waverly. The two boys get along pretty well - on most days at least.
  • Has been best friends with Preston Joyce ever since they were little. Christian tells him everything, despite Preston’s somewhat judging personality, although he hasn’t told him that he’s been questioning his sexuality lately. He told Preston about the powers from the comet stone, and in return Christian found out he’s actually now awerewolf, and strange powers from townspeople are the least of their concerns.
  • Also good friends with Lucy Emerson since middle school, though his friendship with Preston kind of drifted them apart a bit. He still tries to hold onto her as a friend though, because he generally cares about her — one of the biggest reasons why he also told her about his powers.  
  • Had the idea to sell the comet stones to Michael Mayfield as soon as he saw them — he needed money for a new skateboard. Now that he has powers and there’s no doubt others in town have it because of him, he definitely regrets giving them to the jeweler to begin with.
  • Though he’s never really talked to him, Christian can’t help but admire Caleb Summers from afar. It’s not easy being the only gay kid in Maddox, but Caleb takes it so well. Over the years a crush has formed on the blonde, one that won’t seem to go away.
  • Doesn’t get along with Roscoe Abrams, mostly because of his rivalry with Preston, but also because he just doesn’t trust the guy. There’s something shady about him, other than his past, that makes Christian feel off. He usually doesn’t pick fights with him, though.
  • Is wary of Christopher Swift, Maggie’s recent boyfriend. She doesn’t really let them interact much, and though Christian has to play the protective brother stereotype, he thinks Chris honestly seems like a good guy — if anything, he’s worried aboutMaggie breaking his heart.
  • Tries to keep tabs on Preston’s relationship with Abigail Saintclaire, but finds it extremely difficult. The two were dating, then not dating, and now Christian doesn’t even know what’s going on. He likes Abigail though, and thinks Preston actually acts different with her than he did with his other girls (then again, he thought the same thing about Alice). 
  • Recently found out Cecily O’Hara is his cousin, a new girl from town with a newborn child, who reminds him way too much of Maggie. Christian’s kind of wary about her, but he’s open to getting to know her.
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Status: OPEN

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which au event is leading the poll rn? — Anonymous

Not telling! You’ll just have to find out what wins in a few days.

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What species are you lacking right now? — Anonymous

Definitely imps and incubi/succubi. 

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I was coming by to see how you guys were doing. I don't think I have time for this RP right now, but I like to check up periodically. I saw that I was a retired role and, I'm not quite sure why, but I felt very, very happy. I've always associated retired roles with people who meant a lot to others in the roleplay, people who stirred up a lot of drama, so thank you for retiring my role, as strange as that sounds :) — Anonymous

Aw, don’t even mention it! When we usually retire roles, we either do it for characters we really loved, or ones we’d love to see again, so your character was probably really great, honestly. So if you ever get time and hope to come back to the group, you’d be able to pick up that role of yours. We’d love to have you again! 

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I'm very interested in applying for this roleplay but I was curious - would you prefer an oc, or one of the premade characters you have? Also, if making an oc is okay, what if I wanted to use a fc that was already listed for an untaken character? — Anonymous

We’re glad to hear you’re interested, anon! Honestly we much rather see a premade character other than an OC, especially because lately we’ve become really strict on the OCs we accept because we have so many open roles. As for the other question, we really rather you not write a bio for a faceclaim already in the group. 

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