Aubrey Aviles ► Hunter ► 22 ► Lindsey Morgan

The story of my life, you’re just another page

  • Born and raised in Yardley, Pennsylvania.
  • Knew nothing of hunting or the supernatural until she was targeted by two newborn vampires a month or so ago. After being rescued from her situation, but losing her brother, she decided there was nothing more important to do with her life than hunt down parasites.
  • Predominantly hunts vampires, but will pull her trigger on anything supernatural that crosses her path without a second thought. 

Aubrey was raised by a typical Irish-Hispanic family in Yardley, Pennsylvania; they enjoyed intimate family meals with just the four of them (Aubrey, her mother, father, and brother), tended to the orchards (where they grew apples, blueberries, blackberries, and the like) and the vegetable garden which gave them their livelihood, and generally embraced their small-town lifestyle. Aubrey was a quick learner and thought by everyone who met her to be quite the clever little girl. She never did very well in school, her knowledge centered more about god-given enterprise, but got by. She wasn’t outstandingly popular, but had a solid circle of friends and the occasional boyfriend. The only thing she ever lacked was ambition; she never found anything in life that interested her enough to pursue it for prolonged periods of time, and so just found herself settling with little jobs around the Borough and work on her parents’ farm. She flitted from the Morrisville Market to Pennsbury Manor, finding that nothing stuck. She was bright enough, strong enough, dedicated enough at manual labor—but she was never enthusiastic or impassioned about anything, yet lacked the wherewithal to change her situation herself. Instead, Aubrey forced contentment with a mundane, boring life, though she’s not mundane or boring in the slightest. She took solace in the complex characters in the pages of books (mostly the romantic ones in the young adult section of the local bookstore), and always hoped that a big plot-change would occur in her own life. Those moments always seemed to come at random times and to those who didn’t ask for it, so that was how Aubrey excused her own failure to take action. 

It seemed as if the cosmos knew this about her. Fate decided to have its hand in modifying her life when she was was taken one night while in the groves with her brother Aiden. The two creatures who snatched her killed her brother on sight, drinking long and deep from his neck before leaving his body amidst the dirt and fallen leaves. They brought her, however, to a house a little ways into the woods, along the Delaware river. In their shanty shelter were other bodies piled up like rubble, as if they were nothing but trash to be disposed of (a job that never got done). Along with her were a few other people, none of whom she recognized, and all of whom were eventually given the same treatment her brother was and added to the growing pile of corpses. It felt like months that Aubrey was kept as their prisoner, but it was in fact only days. It was on the fourth day, the day Aubrey was to be fed from, that a girl showed up, wearing a mask vaguely resembling a cat and toting guns and artillery fit to take out a hoard. After tense moments of battle, for which Aubrey was curled into a tight, shivering ball, the girl had eliminated both of her captors. Aubrey had the good fortune of being the last, and only, person to survive. As her masked savior removed her from the house and brought her to safety, she resolved that she would learn everything she could in order to take out as many of the monsters as possible. 

The mysterious huntress, who revealed her name as Piper, took Audrey back to her home in Maddox, just a few miles away from Yardley, and cleaned her up, telling her what there was to know about the supernatural in order to quell her fears. After hearing all she needed to, her resolve was only strengthened. Though Piper urged her against it, Aubrey decided to take up hunting. Eventually, Aubrey followed one of Piper’s leads on her own. This resulted in her getting hurt, only narrowly escaping death altogether. After that, Piper began training her, thinking it was her responsibility to ensure that the girl was at least adequately equipped to defend herself. The newly self-proclaimed huntress left behind her parents’ house in Yardley and took up residence in the supernatural hotspot that is Maddox, Pennsylvania. Her parents, as well as the Lower Makefield Township PD, still have her listed as officially missing, but Aubrey can’t bother herself with resuming her normal life; she loves her new persona far too much. She hasn’t been being careful, though, and is still using her real name, so it won’t be too long before someone recognizes her and she’s found (though she hasn’t even thought that far ahead). She hasn’t actually stopped to consider that this is her life, and the lives of others, that she is affecting, instead only caught up in the idea that she’s a character in a very compelling, fly-off-the-shelf book that is destined to be a classic. Everything she knows about hunting she has learned from Piper, but she’s definitely looking to expand her knowledge. Thanks to the newfound hunter alliance, it might be easy for her to do so.

Aubrey is tough and headstrong, a real storm of a girl. She has a tendency to get much too cocky much too quickly, and is not known to be burdened by reality. In this way she’s not very practical, and therefore often gets herself into situations where she’s at a disadvantage but refuses to recognize it. If not for this impulsivity, Aubrey would be a very capable woman, as she possesses a natural ingenuity and a resourcefulness that cannot be matched. She has a sharp tongue and a dry wit, her jokes mostly at the expense of others, which can make her difficult to talk to at times. She’s also very selfish and generally inconsiderate (with a bit of a narcissistic streak to her), which explains why she is able to leave her parents thinking that she’s missing, or worse: dead. The loss of her brother, and her introduction to the supernatural world, has left her even colder and more impulsive, as she’s often plagued by sleepless nights and bad dreams. Something she hasn’t come to terms with, though Piper has warned her, is that she can’t have any kind of future with a family (which is something Aubrey has always wanted) should she truly commit to the hunting lifestyle. In typical Aubrey fashion, she neglected to think about the dangers of taking up the profession, instead possessed by the desire to avenge her brother as any good fictional heroine would do. At her core, though, beyond the recently forged exterior of damaged huntress, Aubrey is just a girl who has never really figured herself out, so don’t be surprised if you’re unable to, as well. Ultimately, she sees life right now as her story; she’s the main character and the likable, if not a little broken, protagonist, and everything that happens around her is only furthering that story line. It’s not that she’s a sociopath—she’s aware that’s not the case, the tale originally devised for her own comfort as a coping mechanism. It’s simply that since the trauma she’s endured, she’s plunged so deep into it that she cannot find her way out of her own lie. Who knows what would happen if she finally faced reality and acknowledged the permanence of her situation? That would be a mental break down not many would want to be around to see occur. 


  • Something of a protégé to Piper Delgato. After being saved by her, she looks up to the girl and will follow any orders concerning hunting without question, since Piper clearly knows more about it than she does. She sees Piper as her quirky mentor and, ultimately, the girl who saved her life. Despite the fact that Aubrey sees the other huntress as more than a little odd (and most of the time she’s lost when it comes to what she’s saying), Aubrey considers her a friend. Just the same, most of their time together is spent sparring or training (and Piper’s methods are a bit harsh), so to anyone outside of it it wouldn’t appear like a typical friendship. 
  • Is moderately friendly with a few people in town, including Micah Langdon and Shiloh Carmichael (thanks to the hunter alliance) as well as some of Piper’s friends (such as Annie FitzgeraldFiona Spencer and Greyson Miles). She thinks there’s something up with the latter three, but she wouldn’t question it aloud because Piper seems very protective of them, and she knows the petite girl could easily kick her ass. 
  • Also sees Finnick Hunter and Henry Rudd for potential targets.
  • Has gotten friendly with Nora LawsonAdrianna Sanders, and Katherine Claire. She often feels on the outside of their conversations, and isn’t sure they like her very much, but she keeps trying regardless. 
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**written by Robin

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i like Bridgette but i'm also waiting to see Elsa. i take it that's not possible since you want to fill the slot up first? — Anonymous

The original plan was to try to sort of fill up the roles as we got them, but seeing as Steven’s been opened and Freya might be opened soon as well, we’ll probably not be going by that anymore.  I’m currently working on her bio, so I’ll try and have her out soon!

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Iris O'Donnell ► Resident ► 22 ► Aimee Teegarden ► OC

This kiss is poisonous if you can’t control the way it enters your soul.

  • Received her powers when given a comet ring as a gift about a year ago. Iris is able to teleport herself to any location simply by thinking about it. However, she was also cursed with the ability of poison generation, which allows her to both generate and absorb poison.
  • Left Maddox to study medicine in Pittsburgh, but has recently returned due to many complications when there. Currently is employed as a pharmacist at the hospital pharmacy. 
  • What happened in Pittsburgh changed Iris. It’s made her more careful when dealing with her emotions, and also more wary with how she approaches other people. She’s open with talking about the incident, not wanting to bottle everything up inside. However, she’s simply cautious with how she addresses the topic if brought up.

An ordinary upbringing was always set for little Iris O’Donnell. Born to a young woman who’d barely started college, Iris was brought into this world with the instant possibility of being put up for adoption. Her mother, scared and confused, simply wasn’t prepared to raise a child. However, as luck would have it, her father had braced himself for the prospect of raising her all by himself. He was, after all, a few years older and much more ready. After taking full custody of baby Iris, he took her from his home in Pittsburgh and moved to the small town of Maddox with ideals of beginning a picturesque family life. When Iris was three, her father met a beautiful woman by the name of Gwen, who gradually settled into their household. She became the mother Iris never had, with the two becoming inseparable by the time the young O’Donnell hit her teenage years. Though there’s always been an innocent curiosity for where her birth mother is, Gwen is who Iris will always be grateful towards. She’s grown up addressing the woman by her first name, but that hasn’t ever made her any less mother-like. Transitioning into high school proved to be a rough patch for Iris. When her father started expressing symptoms stemming from his unhealthy gambling problems, Gwen forced him to move out before his issues became too excessive. This resulted in their separation after months of estrangement, leaving her to take care of their ‘daughter’. It wasn’t something that overly affected the way Iris was brought up. Depression affected her life for a short while, but she was able to come out of it and graduate among the top of her class.

College was next on the list, which both excited and nerved her. Whilst she always had a desire to travel and have her own life outside of Maddox, Iris was also worried about leaving Gwen alone. With everything Gwen had been through, she didn’t want to walk out of her life as her father had. Still, after much persuasion, Iris left Maddox at aged nineteen to study medicine in Pittsburgh; where her father resided once more. She’d always wanted to become a Surgeon like him, yet after studying the physics of it after two years away from Maddox, Iris was starting to feel more lost than ever; unsure of where her life was heading. To put her bad conscience to rest, she managed to get herself a side job at a call center, specially advising callers in the dangers of poisons and offering medical advice in the case of emergencies. As a gift for receiving the role, Iris received a ring in the mail from Gwen, unaware that this would later cause her more bad than good. She always believed the ring gave her good luck, and so wore it more or less every day after acquiring it. The duration of a week passed before the brunette started to incur the effects of the comet rock. She’d fallen asleep in her college dorm one night, only to wake up the following morning in her bedroom back in Maddox. It was a peculiar occurrence that left her astounded, though luckily she’d teleported herself back before questions could be raised. And so forth, Iris learned more and more about this striking ability she thought was reserved only for her, having no idea it came from the ring she treasured. There were times when she had dinner in Paris and breakfast in London; formulating excuses to those around her for her sudden absences. Despite this blissful period of Iris’ life, bad luck was just around the corner.

After an unfortunate event, Iris found herself transferring from Pittsburgh back to Maddox. Teleporting hadn’t been her only ability. Just a few months prior to her moving date, she’d started seeing a classmate named Dillon. He’d been her first real relationship since she’d started college, and though things between them weren’t nearly as serious as others their age were experiencing, their unexpected breakup still struck her hard. Iris had never gotten attached to anyone before Dillon, as if she’d always been waiting for the right person she believed was worth becoming emotionally invested in. Therefore, when he decided he no longer wished to see her, claiming he wanted the freedom to date other people, Iris momentarily became detached from who she was. It was as though she’d been replaced with a darker version of herself, because before she could do anything to absolve the situation, Dillon was choking hazardously. She hadn’t known it at the time, but her high emotional state had caused her to emit a poison that caused those in her immediate area to suffocate. Iris has since gripped this deadly ability by not becoming too emotive when around other people, but it’s still something she’s fighting to control. The restriction of oxygen to the brain forced Dillon into a coma, which has her guilt-ridden. However, she’s trying with utmost strength to move on and prays he makes a full recovery. With her life in Maddox slowly coming together again, Iris is still in two minds with whether she wants to return to her studies by attending the community college. In the meantime, she’s been working part-time at the hospital as a pharmacy assistant. It helps Gwen pay the bills, as well as helping Iris to save up and eventually find her own place to live. She rarely uses either of her powers now, with concern that if she uses her teleportation power that it may trigger her ability to generate a poison she’s still baffled about.

Surprisingly, Iris is a lot older than her age suggests. Her ideas and morals have little growth in the way modern society may act and behave. She’s a little resistant to technology, believing a face-to-face conversation is the better option over a text message, and even going as far to favoring running and fitness over television and computer games. She’s always been a broad-minded and carefree girl, preferring the outdoors over indoors. Having been on many camping grips when growing up, it helped mold her into an empathic type who’s willing to bend her own ideals in someone else’s favor. Her often kind and caring demeanor allows for others to walk over her, taking advantage of anything she may have to offer. However, if headstrong Gwen taught her anything, it was to always stand up for what she believes in. Iris has frequently voiced her own opinions as a result, but never means harm by anything she says. She’s always been very open with others, easily and quickly becoming a friend another may need. Since returning to Maddox, Iris has forced herself to tone down this openness, and instead opts to remain distant if she feels she’s slipping. However, this doesn’t mean she’s any less inclined to being her usually amiable self. 


  • Iris remembers Jo Groves from high school, as they were both similar in sticking to the background rather than standing out. Since returning to Maddox, Iris has seen a lot of her around town and plans on befriending her.
  • One person Iris recalls hearing a lot about in high school was Clayton Beretta. He was the football star with a big future ahead of him. She’s since heard about his accident and can’t help but be one of those people who feels sympathy towards him.
  • Avery Sanchez is a lot different from Iris. She’s a lot more bold, but this doesn’t necessarily turn Iris away. If anything, it makes her admire the girl a lot more. She believes that becoming Avery’s friend could even help her to come out of her own shell a lot more.
  • A friend Iris often relied on in high school was Mary Johnson. The two had fairly similar outlooks on their futures, both wanting out of Maddox as soon as they graduated at eighteen. However, Iris eventually left the small town, whilst Mary decided to stay behind. Iris does hope to relight their friendship at some point.
  • Unfortunately, Iris caught Xavier Smith at a time when he seemed to be quite moody to those around him. She easily brushed off this behavior and holds no ill-will towards him, believing he was simply having a bad day. She’s since been quite intrigued by him, having noticed him around a lot.
  • Working at the hospital has meant running into Gemma Darling on several occasions. Iris remembers the girl from high school, and though they didn’t talk then, they often share a smile and a friendly hello every now and then.
  • It’s often hard for Iris to dislike someone, but there’s something about John Tyree that irks her. It’s not like she knows him too well, so she’s aware that she shouldn’t really judge him off the bat. However, it’s his snark that seems to put her off from extending more than a simple greeting.
  • Jason Nelson seems to be rather easy to talk to. Iris never usually visits bars, but witnessing him conversing with other drunkards caught her eye on the odd occasion when she did visit, instantly gaining her attention. She’d considered talking to him at the time, but never did, not wanting to intrude.






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When are you introducing more werewolf packs? — Anonymous

We’d really like to get the packs we currently have filled before bringing any more in, but I have plans for another pack that I’d eventually like to write, granted I ever get the time for it.

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