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I might let you break my heart if I don’t break it first.

  • Originally named Brynn Cadwgan, born in 1006 in Ireland.
  • Changed by an unknown vampire, having no memory of when it happened.
  • Travels alone, though has met many other supernatural creatures over the years.

Brynn Devonald dates back to about as old as her fake Welsh surname- 1007 years old. Growing up consisted mostly of simple chores around her home with her beautiful blonde mother. There wasn’t much to do for girls at the time. Education certainly was not an option. Every day was routine. Her father would go to work, her older brother Joshua would go to school and when they came home, supper was ready and on the table. In secret  Joshua would let Brynn look at his school books. He’d taught her very minimal reading along with other things. Brynn was appreciative, knowing Joshua would have received a beating if he was caught. The only reason Brynn felt guilty was because she knew her mother had not been as fortunate as to receive schoolbook knowledge from anyone; at least Brynn had Joshua. When work indoors and outdoors was not needed, she spent her time with her brother and neighbors running around outside, playing games. Even when she turned 18 and her father told her to stop with the child’s play, Brynn couldn’t help but want to run away with her imagination and play pretend. The evenings were spent around the fireplace where her father would either sing a song or tell a story before bed. These were some of Brynn’s favorite past times. Family was all she knew.

This little sister was turned at age 19, on the stroke of midnight that turned her 20: her birthday. Disregarding her mother and father’s regards of going out to play, especially late at night didn’t mean much on such a special occasion. She and her brother raced to the field out behind their home. There were holes in her memory from the occasion. She’d tripped and fallen to the ground. That’s when it all went black. When she woke up, everything felt different. Her head was hazy her ears were ringing and everything appeared sharper. “You let them out at this time of night?” She heard her father’s voice accusingly speak to their mother, but how? They had over an acre of land and the home was only distantly viewable. Brynn turned around to see her brother. It appeared to have hit his head on a rock and was gushing of blood. Suddenly an overwhelming urge to attack him was taking over her body. She needed to get out of there before she disturbed his body. Her parents had each other, she decided, and fled. Back then as far as anyone knew Brynn Cadwgan was missing. Truthfully Brynn Cadwgan became Brynn Devonald. 

A vampire older than Anastasia, but morals much looser. The first woman to turn Henry down, and Diana’s first lesbian encounter. The first fellow vampire Flora met once the imp turned her, and has quite the experience with other werewolf packs. She enjoys succubus sex and has been attempting to taste their blood for centuries (having her throat grabbed every time she’d tried to during sex) and finding no succubus evil enough to let her taste for fear that she, like all vampires, will become addicted, tried to give Eriq a run for his money during his ripper days in an attempt to outweigh his true love for Anastasia and bitter she couldn’t sway his heart like she did all the rest. The only thing she hadn’t done, loved or learned enough about over the years happened to be witches. Terrified would be the only word used to describe her affiliation with these supernatural creatures although she would never admit it. They seemed to be the only ones to have power over her despite how much younger they may be. Age and experience didn’t seem to matter as much as bloodline, knowledge and practice. 

She lived in Brisbane, Australia for quite some time, starting in the 1700’s, where she would train herself and eventually develop the Australian accent the blonde was known for. Now in a town called Maddox, Brynn was being forced to face every past participle she’d never planned on encountering ever again. The only word she could use to describe it? Fun. However, that would most likely prove to be the opposite if she didn’t play her cards right. Her worst trait by far is her adoration for humans. Despite the inability for a human and vampire relationship to work the idea had always tempted her. She’d had flings with some and fell in love with most, but killed them all. It isn’t her only unredeemable characteristic, though. Vain, immature, stubborn, spiteful and quick-tempered enough to pass for a vampire much younger than she actually was- somehow she managed to let people in just long enough to forget all of these things just before snapping their necks.

Like most villainous characters, she possessed charm and wit and beauty all in an alluring, irresistible fashion. She proved to be callous. Underneath said exterior was a girl bitter about the human existence she was denied and all that it had to offer. She would never age and potentially never die, which meant that peace could never be an option. As long as she was alive she would always know pain and loss and sorrow and to die would be no use to her now without a soul. Until someone human or otherwise could prove that someone could truly love her, a love that was unconditional, despite even her cruelest manipulation, Brynn would never know what it means to be truly happy. All she longed for was a love that would consume her. It was the only thing to bring out the human- Brynn qualities she secretly possessed: understanding, comfort, thoughtful, affection, forgiving. Underneath her rough exterior, Brynn was worthy of love for all of the right reasons rather than the mask and general facade she put on to receive it. It was just a matter of time before someone tapped into that, but she was afraid no one might ever care enough to. 


  • Met Henry Rudd and Diana Ruhl years ago, during the 1920’s. She messed with both of them, constantly flirting and turning down Henry, while she had numerous hook-ups with Diana. Eventually she got bored and left them, but is happy to see her old friends in the same town as her.
  • She had first met Alexander Krevitz when he was human, and instantly there was something between them Brynn couldn’t deny. But she refused to turn him, though eventually he would go to an imp and turn himself anyway. For a long time they traveled together, but eventually an argument broke the two up - and when Alexander didn’t chase after her, that was the end of it. She knows Diana is still in contact with him, but otherwise she hasn’t heard from him in years.
  • Changed Edward Homer willingly ages ago, back when she was with Alexander. She used him as a toy for most of their time with him as human, but once he was changed they became a bit more as equals. The two were unlikely friends - at each other’s throats one day, and all friendly the next.
  • Spent some time with Eriq Gedeon in the past, where she tried to out-ripper Eric himself. Of course she failed, the two still spent lots of time together - usually Brynn trying to get the dark-haired man to notice her. But he was one of the only guys who turned her down, for his love Anastasia Florin. Brynn’s only heard of her, but she envies the love Eric has for her, even if Amelia doesn’t see it.
  • Has come across Aeker Renickson numerous times throughout the years. He’s like family to her, and he’s spent a considerable portion of his life watching out for her.
  • Was the first vampire Flora Rennick met, showing her the ropes a bit before getting bored with the girl. 
  • Has gotten close to Max Nelson, and looks at him like a little brother figure. Her and Diana are very protective over him, and together they make up a little family. 
  • Has spent time with Becca Petrova through their vampire lives, and at one point had been particularly close. Eventually they just parted ways, without any hard feelings or big falling out.  
  • The Petrovich twins have crossed paths with Brynn more than a few times before, and despite their identical faces, they couldn’t be more different. It’s no secret Tatiana Petrovich hates her for changing Edward, and because of this Brynn isn’t afraid to push the blonde’s buttons. Her sister Nadia Petrovich, on the other hand, Brynn has gotten along with quite well, and can’t help but rub their friendship in Tatiana’s face.
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**written by Caitlin

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